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Perimeter was honoured to host the official Melbourne preview of Hijacked III - Australia/United Kingdom this weekend just gone. Published by Perth's Big City Press and edited by Mark McPherson, Louise Clements and Leigh Robb, this major photographic compendium showcases the work of a host of Australia and the UK's leading photo-artists. Fantastically designed by Perth studio Donnachie, Simionato & Son, this is a brilliant and collectable edition. Perimeter has the first copies in Australia - pop down or BUY HERE

Artists: AUS – Tony Albert, Warwick Baker, Bindi Cole, Christopher Day, Tarryn Gill & Pilar Mata Dupont, Toni Greaves, Petrina Hicks, Alin Huma, Katrin Koenning, David Manley, Jesse Marlow, Tracey Moffat, Justin Spiers, Michelle Tran, Christian Thompson, Michael Ziebarth.

UK – Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin, Natasha Caruana, Maciej Dakowicz, Melinda Gibson, Leonie Hampton, Rasha Kahil, Seba Kurtis, Trish Morrissey, Laura Pannack, Sarah Pickering, Zhao Renhui, Simon Roberts, Helen Sear, Luke Stephenson, Wassink & Lundgren, Tereza Zelenkova.